British Designer Suggests a Bendable Bike that Locks on a Pole

More than 50 bikes are stolen in London everyday and a total of 23,748 bikes were reported stolen in the city alone between 2009 and 2010. This problem has prompted a university graduate from north of London to come up with a bike that bends. And it does not just fold like the usual folding bikes that you are supposed to carry around, the Bendy Bike uses a ratchet system to allow it to wrap around a pole and lock it in place, without the need for a lock and chain.

And when you are ready to go, simply loosened the ratchet to allow the frame to bend back to its normal position.

The Bendy Bike, created by 21-year-old Kevin Scott, is on display at a New Designers show in Islington, Greater London. He hopes that a bike-loving backer would enable him to develop the product further.

Source: Daily Mail, via CrunchGear

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