Bringrr Classic

Those who frequently experience forgetting their mobile phones after going out of the home has a serious problem indeed. With mobile phones becoming an essential day to day gadget for most people, forgetting it at home can surely be quite frustrating. One way to avoid it is by having the Bringrr Classic to remind you every time you get into your car and drive off to work.

The Bringrr Classic has a simple yet invaluable feature- it helps you avoid forgetting your cellphone before you drive off to work. It works with any Bluetooth enabled phone and any car with a lighter outlet. You simply attach the Bringrr Classic into the lighter outlet or your car power port.

Once you have paired it by Bluetooth with your phone, the Bringrr Classic will then search for your mobile phone once you start your car. It will provide you with confirmation by turning its light to blue once it “finds” your mobile phone nearby. If not, the Bringrr will send out a warning sound and turn red to make you aware that you may have forgotten or left your mobile phone somewhere else. This simple but useful device would be made available by mid-July at the Bringrr site and is expected to cost around US$35.

Image Source: Bringrr

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