Brighter Foldaway Vanity Mirror

For most women, looking beautiful all the time is absolutely essential. That is why they often check themselves in the mirror to see that everything is all right with how they look. But in dimly lit places, this might be a challenge. For those women who have the need to check on themselves no matter how dark it may be, the Brighter Foldaway Vanity Mirror will come in handy.

The Brighter Foldaway Vanity Mirror is a handy two-sided mirror that women can bring along with them at all times. It proves helpful when one needs to touch up one’s make-up in a dimly lit atmosphere. This device comes with a dual sided rotating mirror, one with a 12x magnification for making touch-ups and a normal mirror on the other side for a true full-face reflection.

The Brighter Foldaway Vanity Mirror comes with 10 bright LED to provide some essential lighting when one needs it. The mirror comes with a foldable adjustable stand that extends up to 13.5″ high. The Brighter Foldaway Vanity Mirror is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$80.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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