Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella

Bright Night Umbrella

Glow in the dark umbrellas. Intriguing right? This was how I felt when I first encountered Bright Night illuminated umbrellas. I’ve seen glow in the dark products, from magnets to stickers, from key-chains to clothes accessories. But it was the first time I’ve seen an illuminated umbrella that has such a good structural design.

The history of Bright Night umbrellas started from an original concept by Sean Murphy. The first design for the lighted umbrella did not go that well. But then Ian Bouchard came in and added stylish fashion into the design. And with the help of Karacters Design in the development of the canopy, the umbrellas were marketed and with great success.

The trademark of the Bright Night umbrellas is the "glow in the dark" concept. Inside the umbrella is a 6V Krypton bulb which is integrated at the base of the canopy. The bulb is enclosed in a water resistant housing and powered by four AA batteries. The batteries are placed in the handle and can power the bulb for three hours straight.

The bulb takes up quite a bit of juice but it does illuminate the the whole canopy and also the entire area underneath. It is bright enough to illuminate your pathway.

Meanwhile, the canopy is 25 inches long, three inches more than normal stick umbrellas. It is made from fine nylon and Teflon coated nylon for durability. The umbrella’s frame has been tested to withstand 40mph winds. The ribs are made from polycarbonate and the handle from fiberglass. The umbrella weighs 16oz and is quite tolerable considering how big, durable, useful, and unique it is.

But the made and ingenious lighting design is not the only things appealing in Bright Night umbrellas; it’s the print designs of the canopy that makes the umbrella really makes standout. One of their design series is called the Liquid Series.

All the designs under the series were water inspired. "Water Beads," "Water Cluster," "Slow Flow", "Cloud Burst," "Monsoon" and "Ripple Effect" are the names of the designs and were made to reflect distinct features of an afternoon shower, how refracted lights play on water, or the light morning rains.

At daytime the umbrellas would stand out in a crown due to the unique, bright designs of the canopy. During night time, the umbrellas would give a glow that keeps you stylishly illuminated.

You can get a Bright Night umbrella for only $45 US. Plain black and plain white designs are available as well for less than $30 US. Included in every purchase is an extra Krypton bulb and a handy little plastic case where you can place your umbrella if its soaking wet.

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