Bridgestone Announces Flexible Touchscreen E-Paper Display

Bridgestone flexible e-paper display

At this early stage of ebook readers, the technology comes in at a fast pace.  It wasn’t too long ago when we heard of e-readers in color displays, or with e-paper screens that are less glaring the LCD, or even with dual screens.  Now comes Bridgestone and their introduction of the "world’s first flexible e-paper display" for ebook readers.

The 10.7-inch e-paper device has all-flexible parts, including the drive circuit board.  The company has also developed an e-paper device based on what they call Quick-Response Liquid Powder, which provides a higher reaction rate compared to other e-papers available such as refreshing a 13.1-inch screen in just 0.8 seconds. 

Apart from the flexibility and quick reaction time, these devices come with data processing and security functions, as well as data communication via mobile phone.

Bridgestone plans on exhibiting their devices today (October 28) at the FPD International 2009 in Yokohama, Japan.

Image source:  Bridgestone

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