Breville HotCup Water Dispenser

Heating up water can take a lot of energy that may go to waste. As some people may only want hot water for that cup of coffee or tea, heating a whole pitcher may not be as energy efficient since the remainder would usually remain unused until they become cold. In such instances, having a Breville HotCup water dispenser at home may be quite useful aside from being energy efficient.

The Breville HotCup only heat up water a cup at a time. Heating one cup takes only less than a minute and dispenses only a cup of boiling water in cases where you need just the right amount for your coffee or tea break. By doing so, you don’t need to heat up water you don’t need. This can help save time as well as energy and money on your part. The Breville HotCup is available at Nigel’s Eco Store for 59.99 UK Pounds. That would e around US$90.

Image Source: Breville

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