Breathometer for Smartphones

People who drink alcohol should not drive. If they need to drink a shot or two, they will need to monitor their blood alcohol level if they still need to drive. It is the only way of ensuring that they are still in the capacity to drive even after drinking a bit. This is especially important if there are other passengers on board. if you wish to ensure their safety as you drive, make sure that you have the Breathometer for smartphones handy.

The Breathometer is a useful smartphone accessory that you can use to help you monitor and keep track of your blood alcohol concentration or BAC. It works together with a downloadable smartphone app. The device can help users easily test blood alcohol levels. It is the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer and is a convenient device at that. It easily fits into a pocket or purse. Users connect it to their smartphone using the headphone jack. Users need also to launch the accompanying app from their smartphone to get the device to work. Users only need to breath into the device and it will measure the blood alcohol content based on what the device captures. It then presents the user with the result of the test to help them determine if there is a need to sober up before getting in front of the steering wheel of the car.

The Breathometer is as accurate as the other consumer breathalyzers in the market. Its big advantage is this device makes use of your smartphone for the job. This allows the Breathomer to come in a relatively small form factor convenient to bring along just about anywhere. The Breathometer for smartphones is available for pre-order for US$49. Devices start shipping in the fall.

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