Brazilian Laundry Soaps Come with GPS

It’s a smart marketing strategy actually. Unilever Brazil implanted GPS tracking devices into 50 boxes of their Omo laundry soap and plans on following the buyers right to their households and be given a free video camera. Like we said, it’s a smart marketing strategy, but only if done right.

Although Omo is an expensive brand, its popularity could entice criminal elements to seize the opportunity to do bad things to whomever is tasked to give free gifts to the lucky consumers. That, or the family would not even let anyone in their home even if they are giving a camera for free due to fear of criminals.

This is why the marketing people have come up with a back-up plan. They would remotely activate a buzzer on the detergent box to create a continuous beeping sound to alert the household. If the consumer opens the box before it beeps or the marketing team arrives, there is a note inside the package informing him or her about the promotion as well as a contact number to claim the prize.

So if you’re in Brazil and about to do the laundry, make sure to shake every box of Omo in the store shelves. You would probably spot the one with the GPS.

Source: AdAge, via Engadget

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