Braven BRV1 Wireless Rugged Speaker

Portable speakers usually aim to provide good sound while offering the means of bringing it just about anywhere. But the mobility it comes with usually requires a bit of protection. After all, such speakers go through the elements while being used. In the case of the Braven BRV1 Wireless Rugged Speaker, it has all the protection it needs while providing users with the wireless portable sound people look for.

The Braven BRV1 wireless rugged speaker features an enclosure that is built for toughness. It is designed to be water resistant, able to resist water jets, splashes and rainfall. Inside, it comes with a pair of 3-watt speakers that also comes with a built-in noise canceling mic to work as a speakerphone. Its power source is good enough to provide for up to 12 hours of continuous play. The power reserves can also be used to charge USB devices when needed, giving it an added function that many portable gadget users can appreciate. The Braven BRV1 Wireless Rugged Speaker is available at Braven for US$180.

Image Source: Braven

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