Braven Brings Budget-Friendly Speakers to QVC

Braven has been bringing us a lot of Bluetooth speakers that we not only like, but also we can afford. The Braven 625, for instance, comes with sleek styling, doubles as a portable USB charger, and is priced much lower than the premium Jambox speakers.

But apparently Braven has bigger plans in stealing thunder and snatching wigs off their pricey competitors, as it debuted the Braven 570 on QVC home shopping channel for only $100. Styled similarly like its Six Series cousins, the Braven 570 is cased in an “impact-resistant” material and features six watts of power, as well as a 1200mAh battery–much lower compared to previous models.

QVC offers the Braven 570 in six color options: Lunar Black, Arctic White, Fiji Green, Rio Purple, Monaco Blue, and Sahara Red. If online shopping is too daunting for you, the speaker will be available on retail starting January 2013 for $130, choosing between black and white versions.

Source: Braven, via Engadget

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