Brave Robotics Transform Robot

There are many toys that transform into robots that are now available in many stores today. But from a robotic standpoint, they do not just cut it since most may function either as a robot or as a unit that it transforms into. But most of them cannot provide full functions as both. Exceptions can be made for this unique and special Brave Robotics Transform Robot model, which can function fully as a free standing humanoid robot as well as a steerable car via remote control.

The Transform Robot from Japanese robotics design team Brave Robotics is not just any other robotic toy. It is designed to fully function either as a RC car as well as a mobile robot when it transforms. It comes with a wireless controller that allows people to see it go as a car or walk about as a robot. It seems to have a fluid way of transforming from a vehicle version to a robot and back again. It is also equipped with other features such a WiFi webcam and a projectile that comes out from its arms.

It is not your ordinary toy that you just simple play around with. It comes with a programmable set of motions that can be revised and adjusted using an accompanying motion editing software. Serious robotics enthusiasts will love playing and experimenting with what the Brave Robotics Transform Robot can do. It comes as a limited production unit with 10 units currently available with succeeding units set on a made to order basis. Having this toy will cost you around 1.98 million Japanese Yen. That’s around US$24,194, a pretty expensive toy if one thinks of it that way.

Image Source: Brave Robotics

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