Brando’s USB Aircraft Mouse

brando's usb aircraft mouse

It was your childhood dream to be a pilot and it remains just that, a dream. Your fear of flight has held you back, but your frustrations have done nothing to spoil your love for gadgets with aircraft themes. Brando’s USB Aircraft Mouse is an amazing example. Packed with enough plastic, USB interface, and LEDs, this cool mouse will turn your hand into the best fighter pilot at home or in the office.

Here are the specs: cool aircraft design, plug and play, resolution of 800 DPI, and Windows 2000/XP/VISTA support. The LED lights up when you plug into the USB port. Weighing 90g and measuring 155mm x 115mm x 35mm, the mouse is available in red, camouflage, black, orange, green, and silver. The attractive and unique USB Aircraft Mouse is a great addition your desk if you are a plane lover.

However, some people may found the mouse a bit bulky. It is perhaps not the kind you want to put in your laptop case. Also, the mouse’s level of functionality is not what you might call impressive. It will give you a carpal tunnel syndrome since it focuses largely on aesthetics and not so much on ergonomy. Brando’s USB Aircraft Mouse costs only $17 but you should think twice about getting one.  

Image Source: Brando

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