BPG Motors Uno III

It is not only devices that seem to get more and more portable. Even some modes of transportation like the motorcycle are getting in on the idea of becoming more portable. A good example of this is the new Uno III from BPG Motors.

The Uno III is a unique transportation system that first acts as and looks like a unicycle. Because of the smaller and portable form factor, this makes it quite easy to bring up in an apartment for storage. As a unicycle, it is even stable enough to use in city streets. But the interesting part does not just stop there.

The Uno III actually features three wheels. As it gains speed, the Uno III has a middle wheel that rolls forward and the outer wheels shifting backward, transforming it into a full streetbike. This happens even while the Uno III is running. What makes it even interesting is that it runs on electricity, making it a green alternative form of transportation. Currently, the Uno III is still on its concept stage but may probably be awaiting production if it drives up a lot of interest among the public.

Image Source: BPG Motors

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