BoxWave VersaCharger Pro

BoxWave VersaCharger Pro

Travelers with a lot of gadgets usually have to deal with gadget charging issues. An added problem would be that some countries would have different power outlets that require additional plug adapters in order to use some of the chargers. Having to deal with such issues can be avoided by having an all-in-one charger like the VersaCharger Pro from BoxWave.

The BoxWave VersaCharger Pro makes it possible for travelers to make do with just one charger while on the road. The VersaCharger Pro is designed for use with miniSync and DirectSync cables (bought separately) that can handle the charging needs of most handhelds and portable gadgets. The VersaCharger also combines use as a wall charger, a car charger and even an airplane charger by buying an additional cable for it.

The BoxWave VersaCharger Pro contains adaptive circuitry features that can adjust to different international power standards within the range of 100 to 240 volts AC. It also features a better USB port location to allow convenient charging without being an obstacle on other unused power outlets. Its Intelligent Chip protection prevents the overcharging of gadgets. This versatile charger provides up to 1 amp of power to handle the needs of various power hungry devices. The VersaCharger Pro is available online at BoxWave for US$26.

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