Box The Bag iPad Game App

With game apps ever becoming more popular, it will only take some time before some developers come up with more exciting features that players would find interesting and fun. There are game apps that provide some unique gameplay features not yet found on other apps. One such game app is Box The Bag for the iPad, which some players may find quite similar in a way.

The Box The Bag iPad game app may be unlike any other game apps available today in that it features some Kinect-like gameplay. It makes use of the iPad’s front facing camera to capture the player. The game app then uses the captured images as a means to keep track and measure the player’s movements, just like what the Kinect controller for Xbox does. Once calibrated, players go through the motion of punching a bag displayed on the screen, with the app translating those movements and use them as an integral part of the whole game.

Players of the Box The Bag game app try to hit the punching bag as hard as they can to make it move further. Players can also improve their technique by looking at the small box displayed and see their own poses as they box. Expending energy by going through the motions of punching or boxing makes this iPad game app a fitness app in its own right. That, in itself makes the Box The Bag iPad game app quite unique. It is available at the App Store for a $3 download.

Image Source: App Store

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