Bowlingual iPhone App Translates Dog Barks into Human Speech

Ever wonder what you dog has been yapping about?  You have given your pet watch, food and even some petting, but that did not work to calm the dog.  A Japanese toy maker attempted to solve that problem and in 2002, introduced the first Bowlingual device.  These days, the Bowlingual remains one of the top must-haves for pet owners.

The Bowlingual device works by attaching a separate microphone on the dog’s collar, then everytime it barks, the handheld gadget informs the dog’s own about how it feels, whether it is delighted to see you or needed a good petting.  The Bowlingual has been sold over 300,000 times and also received the Ig Nobel Peace Priza during its debut year.  The catch is, however, is that Bowlingual is only limited to Japan.

Now, Takara Tomy (the makers of Bowlingual) introduces a portable dog language translator in the form of an iPhone app .  Simply aim the phones microphone to your dog as it barks the you instantly get the translation right on the iPhone.  You can even post these translations into Twitter.

The Bowlingual iPhone app is only available in Japan at first, followed by the English-version in mid-August.

Source:  CrunchGear

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