Bout iPhone App

Taking photos nowadays is a cinch, knowing that your iPhone has its own features that users can take advantage of. It has become the primary means of taking pictures since it offers the most convenient method. Smartphones are always handy to fire away when a photo is needed. That is why the Bout iPhone app takes advantage of this and make a game out of it.

The Bout iPhone app is a unique game app since it allows people to take photos and compete with other likeminded iPhone users on who can take the best photo out of a given situation. Players are given a certain way to take a photo and the participants try to find the most unique, humorous or striking way to do so. The best photos are being judged by your friends. Whoever gets the most votes gets showered with coins. It is a unique way to make a game out of your iPhone camera. The Bout iPhone app is available at the Apple App Store for free download.

Image Source: App Store

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