Bounce WiFi Enhancer

Many homes now come with WiFi networks that helps keep those WiFi devices always connected online wirelessly. But there are times when some areas in the home can’t be found within the range of the WiFi signal, making it a blind spot. If such spots are found in several areas in your home, then you might benefit from having the Bounce WiFi Enhancer.

The Bounce WiFi Enhancer is a nifty device that helps extend the WiFi network’s range. It helps strengthen those signals where they previously are quite weak. The Bounce WiFi Enhancer is a simple egg-shaped device that users can place on top of the WiFi route’s external antenna and point it in the direction where there is low WiFi coverage in the room. Bounce can instantly boost up signals as it can increase WiFi range by up to three times over. The Bounce WiFi Enhancer can be quite a useful device for a WiFi enabled home. It is available at ThinkGeek for US$25.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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