Bose Frames Offers More Than Just Eye Protection

Eyewear usually aims to correct or protect your eyesight. But technology aims to change all that by adding innovative features not usually found in conventional eyewear. Gadgets like the new Bose Frames fit right into this category.

The new Bose Frames is the first foray into the eyewear industry by Bose, a company known more for their great acoustics. They have extended their expertise into creating everyday wearables that come with some added functionality. In the case of the new Bose line of eyewear, the addition of great micro-acoustics transforms them into a unique pair of wireless headphones. It features a proprietary open-ear design that can stream music as well as information to the wearer. It can also make and take calls and access virtual assistants to optimize cross-functionality with the mobile device it is paired with.

In addition, the new Bose smart eyewear are also designed to be AR compatible. It has added audio augmented reality functionality that promises to provide exciting features as development in this area progresses.  As an eyewear, Bose Frames provide 99 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays. Not only that, they are also designed to be scratch and shatter resistant. Even with the added functionality, this pair of high tech eyeglasses weighs just 45 grams, which is standard for most eyewear.  They are now available for around $200.

Image Source: Bose

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