Booo Smart Dimmer

Booo Smart DimmerPeople usually take those light bulbs for granted. One reason is that people are quite accustomed with them on a daily basis that they do not give them much thought. But lighting can also have an effect on your mood. The way you control lighting in your home can also set the mood you wish. But then again, every time you need to control the lights, you still need to get to its light switch. If that can sometimes be too much for you, then this Booo Smart Dimmer may be able to help you.

The Booo Smart Dimmer is a pebble-like device that you place somewhere near a light source. This smart device can then control nearby lights wirelessly. Just tap on the Booo and you can easily turn the lights off. Tap it again and the lights will magically turn on. Well ok, it is technology, not magic.

Users can also use the Booo Smart Dimmer to dim the lights even when the lamp you use does not have one built in. Users simply turn the pebble device and it will be able to adjust the intensity of the light source. The Booo Smart Dimmer is an interesting device that may also be a great addition to any home. The fact that it is designed like a colorful round pebble, it can easily have its place as part of the decor, no matter how simple. The Booo Smart Dimmer is expected to come out sometime early next year. Those interested may need to fork up $130 for it.

Image Source: Booo

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