Boomerang App


One great thing about having smartphones is that users can enjoy using it and the tools it can provide. The apps gives these devices the power to become more than just a typical mobile phone. There are tools like the Boomerang app that can help users enjoy exploring their fun and creative side.

The Boomerang app is a very popular tool for people to create and share fun and creative mini-videos to each other. Each mini video is actually composed of 10 burst photos that the app then stitches together into a fun video. The app smoothens out any bumps to make the video run seamlessly then loops it backwards and forwards.

Users can then share the mini video made on the Boomerang app to friends on Facebook or Instagram. The Boomerang app is an easy way to create fun and creative mini videos worth sharing to friends online. It surely beats sharing mainly static photos  all the time. Sharing the mini videos add more fun and creativity into the habit. The Boomerang app is available for free download at the App Store.

Image Source: App Store

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