BoomChair Stealth Multimedia Chair For Gamers

Serious gamers nowadays tend to look for gadgets that not only help improve their gameplay but also heighten the online or video game experience. If comfort is added in, then such gadgets would always have a market among avid gamers. This may be the reason why there is now such a thing as a multimedia chair for gamers like the BoomChair Stealth.

The BoomChair Stealth is a striking chair that features more than just something that any gamer can sit on. It contains a pair of 3 inch 2-way speakers located at the side of the seat as well as a 4 inch subwoofer. In short, the BoomChair Stealth offers a gamer a unique sound experience while playing. In addition, the Stealth also provides a vibration feedback option with its own adjustable bass and treble buttons. For comfort, the BoomChair Stealth features a 360 degree swivel and tilt as well as an adjustable headrest. The BoomChair Stealth Multimedia Chair is available at BoomChair for US$225.

Image Source: BoomChair

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