Boombotix Boombot REX Ultraportable Bluetooth Speakers

Most people nowadays are no longer just satisfied listening to music in a single fixed place. A mobile option has become more in demand for people who are always on the go. And since mobility is a priority in such cases, devices should not only produce good quality audio but also be rugged and tough enough to handle the constant daily grind. For those who wish more than just headphones, the new Boombot REX Ultraportable Bluetooth Speakers from Boombotix may provide a good alternative.

Boombotix, a maker of popular portable speakers for people on the go, has recently introduced the Boombot REX, an ultraportable Bluetooth speaker that can do more that what you expect. You can consider it as a unique wireless speaker in terms of both design and function. The Boombot REX comes in a unique octagon shape exterior made out of tough ABS housing. It is designed to be tough and water resistant. This feature is important as it houses a pair of 36mm drivers that provide full sound fidelity and a bass woofer that maximizes low frequency sounds without increasing power consumption.

What makes the Boombot REX relevant for many mobile users is that it is wireless, thanks to Bluetooth technology. It also comes featured with a built-in noise cancelling mic to make the Boombot REX as an ideal speakerphone. This way, users can both listen to music while the speaker syncs with their smartphone and answer calls at the same time whenever one comes along.

The Boombot REX is also designed to interact with Siri on your iPhone. Users can press a button on the speaker to make a request to Siri. The adorable Siri can then respond to the request via the speaker. This ultraportable Bluetooth speaker also comes with rechargeable batteries that can last from 4 to 8 hours of playing time, depending on conditions. It can also be used as a wired system for those who prefer to do so. The Boombot REX Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for US$80.

Image Source: Boombotix

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