Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker

Wireless speakers are convenient in that they help eliminate the need for wires and cables. Since portable devices nowadays are the device of choice for music listening, this feature becomes all the more important. But simply being wireless is not the most convenient feature available today. Support for Near Field Technology such as this Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker may make it an even more option for portable media device users.

The Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker is a portable wireless speaker that features Near Field Audio technology to broadcast or transmit audio simply by having the portable device near the speaker. Just place the portable device near the speaker and they are instantly connected. There’s no need for a setup in order to use the speaker using Near Field technology. The portable wireless speaker comes with an audio output of 2.5Watts, ideal for those who want a mobile wireless speaker that also goes well when being used at home. The Boombero Near Field audio Speaker is available at Firebox for 45 UK Pounds or around US$73.

Image Source: Firebox

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