Boom Box Touch Speaker

Boom Box Touch SpeakerPortable devices such as smartphones may be convenient to use, but their small size may come at a sacrifice for certain features people also love. Sound quality is one of them. Small devices usually do not have the sound quality some people expect them to have. That is why some people rely on having portable speakers to boost up the sound quality when needed. With many options available, wireless speakers are usually the most convenient ones available. Among this type, it cannot get any more convenient that having the Boom Box Touch Speaker around.

The Boom Box Touch Speaker is different from any other wireless portable speaker out there. It can amplify a smartphone or any other portable device sound output by simply placing it on top of the speaker base. There is no need for a Bluetooth connection to boost up the sound volume. This portable speaker makes use of Near Field Audio technology to do its magic. It is compatible with any portable device with an external speaker. A 3.5mm jack is available for devices that do not. The speaker can provide up to 10 hours of audio boosting power for each full charge. The Boom Box Touch Speaker is also lightweight and easy to carry along. It is available at Firebox for 30 Pounds or around $49.

Image Source: Firebox

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