Bookeen Cybook Opus Ebook Reading Device

Bookeen Cybook Opus Ebook Reader

Claiming to be the pioneer in the ebook reader market, Bookeen introduces its newest reading device:  The Cybook Opus.  This pocket-sized ebook reader can be held in one hand and weighs only about 5 ounces.  It has 1GB of internal storage memory, which means you can store up to 1,000 books while gaining access to more than 200,000 digital books from a wide array of publishers.  The Cybook Opus also has a 200dpi ePaper screen that provides a paper-like appearance on the display and even an accelerometer that automatically switches from portrait to landscape mode at a simple 90-degree turn.

There is one catch though:  It does not have WiFi.  In order to grab a copy of your ebook, you would have to download it from the Cybook Opus’ digital bookstore to your computer then you would have to connect the reader with an USB cable or copy data to a microSD card.  It is probably because of that much effort to get an ebook the reason why the Cybook Opus is just as pricey as other ebook readers at US$250.

Image source:  Bookeen

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