Book Of Sarth iPad App

For those who like to get a better experience from their iPad, the different game apps out there may only offer a variation of the same experience. It may take a different app to give users the unique experience that they look for. Those who look for such apps may want to check out the Book of Sarth iPad app for a change.

The Book of Sarth iPad app is not a game app but a unique graphical album. It comes with an 8-song experimental album as well as an 80-page animated graphical novel. A 30-minute portion of the app allows users to direct their experience by reordering the sequence using touch. It offers both a different visual as well as an audio experience unlike any other game app out there. The Book for Sarth is an iPad app for those who are looking for a more unique experience. It is available at the App Store for US$8.

Image Source: App Store

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