Boogie Board Tablet

Boogie Board

Technology can truly help in conserving the Earth’s natural resources. It all depends on how this technology can be used more effectively that appeals to more and more people. With unique devices like the new Boogie Board from Improv Electronics, it would be cool to care for the environment.

The best feature of the Boogie Board is that it allows users to do away with using paper when taking down notes. The Boogie Board is a handy touch screen LCD display that acts as an electronic blackboard or notepad. This tablet is ultra thin at just 1/8 of an inch thick and measures 8.8 x 5.6 inches, just about as big as a letter size paper.

The Boogie Board is handy enough to bring along anywhere. It includes a stylus to use for writing on the Boogie Board but just about non-marking and non-scratching writing implement will do. The LCD display is pressure sensitive and would display line thickness depending on the amount of pressure applied. Users no longer have to look for organic paper to write notes into with the Boogie Board around. Think of how many trees can be saved if more people use this unique tablet. It just costs around US$30. You can check it out at the Boogie Board site to see it for yourself.

Image Source: Improv Electronics        

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