The Boogie Board Blackboard Digitizes Free Hand Writing

Many people are always jotting down their ideas on paper whenever inspiration hits them. Whether it be in words or design drawings, nothing seems to beat writing ideas on paper. Well, typing ideas into computers or portable gadgets may also be useful, but this method may not always be convenient. Not only that, it is only good for taking notes of ideas in writing form. People may not always have some device available for capturing ideas in free form or drawings. This Boogie Board Blackboard aims to change all that.

The Boogie Board Blackboard is the new electronic writing tool that adds convenience for people to better keep track of their ideas and notes in digitized form. The new tool allows users to directly make digital copies of their hand written works as they go. Doing so will not feel new to the frequent writer or artist. The experience may still be similar to writing on paper.

The Boogie Board Blackboard makes use of Liquid Crystal Paper technology to capture hand written and drawn notes into its digital display surface without using paper or ink. A touch of a button can erase the board completely to start anew. The semi-transparent drawing surface also allows users to write over templates and tracing designs into Blackboard. Exact Erase technology also allows users to erase certain parts of their notes or drawings without totally erasing everything. And when the notes are done, they can be saved, shared, organized, and copied using the free Blackboard mobile app.

The Boogie Board Blackboard comes with a 8.5” by 11” writing surface and a special inkless pen and eraser. It also comes with 4 templates for drawing and note-taking. It is powered by a single button-cell battery that can last for up to 5 years. The Boogie Board Blackboard is now available for around $50.

Image Source: Boogie Board

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