Body Dryer: No towel needed after bath

Body Dryer

Body Dryer

You may have seen those hand dryers that blows water out of your skin with its jet-like fans. You may have thought it would be cool if that hand dryer can dry up your whole body after a shower. Good thing there is one being developed.

Currently being funded on Indiegogo, the Body Dryer has been gaining immense attention from its backers. It has raised closed to $300,000, way bigger than its humble $50,000 goal.

The creators of Body Dryer hope their device would shake up the towel market. The gadget looks like a standard bathroom scale and it blows water off your body post-bath or pool.

Why the need for a techie replacement for towels? Body Dryer founder Tyler Overk tells Mashable: “There is a problem with the growth of bacteria on a towel’s wet, warm surface if it’s not allowed to dry properly. If you dry off with it again, you are putting those bacteria back onto yourself.”

Body Dryer

Dirty towels could lead to various infections, including ringworm, athlete’s foot, skin rashes, and even serious illnesses that could affect people with weakened immune systems.

The bathroom rug is even worse. According to Overk, it is the “ripest source of skin cells, bacteria, and mildew.” The Body Dryer eliminates the bacteria from the feet up as soon as you step onto the device, which would also measure your weight if you want to. It gives off a blast of air that would make your body fully dry in about 30 seconds without having to pat your skin with a towel.

The Indiegogo campaign is close to its end. You could leave a pledge worth at least $150 (plus shipping) to get your very own Body Dryer by September 2014. The device will also be available on retail later this year for $250.

Source: Mashable

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