BMW self-driving cars, smartwatch app introduced

BMW self-driving car

BMW self-driving car

Major carmakers and technology companies are preparing for a future where cars can run without an assistance from the driver. Opinion over when such self-driving cars will run the public streets vary by company, ranging between 2015 and 2021. As for BMW, its target date is 2020.

The German car manufacturer revealed its first two automonous cars at CES 2014, a 2-series and a 6-series. The two BMW self-driving cars were unveiled at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, wherein both cars must complete a slalom course and a high-speed turn on wet pavement.

BMW ConnectedDrive

The BMW also unveiled its advanced BMW i3 that is capable of longitudinal parking and lateral guidance. Apart from its new abilities, the BMW i3 can also be manupulated right from its newly-released app for Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

All of these advancements are part of BMW’s latest in ConnectedDrive, wherein we may see automated cars in the future that are capable of navigating on any road condition or traffic pattern. We may also see BMW self-driving cars that do the parking for us and even pick up the little ones at school even without a human on the driver seat.

Source: DVICE

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