BMW Puts iPads on the Backs of Front Seats

BMW now prides itself as the first auto maker to have an official iPad-vehicle integration setup, which was presented for the first time to the public during the annual Paris Auto Show. The concept is to provide a world-class rear-seat entertainment, as not only the backseat passengers would have fun doing a lot of stuff with the iPad, its design also eliminates the common notion that monitor-integrated headrests should appear clunky and feel uncomfortable whenever a head rests on it. The iPad can be rotated into a desired orientation and also comes with a power plug, which runs through the front seat.

Integrating BMW with an iDevice is nothing new, however, as it had also incorporated iPods into their system some years ago.

Reactions to the iPad-car integration are mixed. Auto Spies call it a “nifty” work, Engadget claims that it looks “heinous,” as it “apparently destroyed aesthetics in one fell swoop.”

No word whether this design will be seen in showrooms in the near future.

Source: Auto Spies, via Engadget

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