Blusens Keia MP3 Player

Blusens Keia

The Blusens Keia mp3 player is purported by its manufacturer, Blusens Corporation to herald a new concept when it comes to portable mp3 players. It also is said to unveil the new look for the company. But does it have the features that can really turn heads when it comes to portable mp3 players?

Feature wise the Blusens Keia really does have something attractive to offer. Despite its highly compact and lightweight design at about a couple or so inches tall and weighing 19 grams, it packs quite a number of features that include an FM radio, clock, timer, audio recorder, and stopwatch aside from just a simple mp3 player. The Blusens Keia also features an OLED color display using an intuitive graphical user interface.

With the features packed inside such a compact and lightweight mp3 player such as the Blusens Keia, it is, in itself, quite an attraction. But the features that it offers is nothing new to any other mp3 player out there. In a market where lots of other portable mp3 players try to get some attention, having unique features would really mean a lot. But in the case of the Blusens Keia mp3 player, its compact size alone may not be unique enough to warrant more attention than any other portable mp3 player out there.

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