Bluetooth Headset Jawbone


Are you sick and tired of headsets that can’t precisely separate sound from ambient noise? Here comes Bluetooth Headset Jawbone. What’s good about this stylish device is that it can aggressively eliminate 10x more noise than its closest competitor. Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives and we expect to use our phones in all environments with great audio quality. With Jawbone, not only does background noises are eliminated from your call, it also adjusts the speaker output for a better voice quality.

Jawbone features the revolutionary Noise Shield technology, combining the newest innovations in product design, audio processing, and acoustics for best headset performance. It has a proprietary voice activity sensor that precisely identifies when you speak in noisy environments and separates it from ambience noise. Jawbone also uses NoiseAssassin algorithms and highly directional microphones to remove such noise.

The tiny device is 50% smaller than the original Jawbone. It has an "invisible button" for that clutter-free look and a touch-surface technology that allows you to operate switches just by lightly pressing the outer shield. Made with ultra-smooth medical-grade plastic, Jawbone comes with 4 fine leather earloops, 3 earbuds, a wall charger, and USB charger. It has a talk time of up to 4 hours and standby time of up to 8 days. You can buy the package from Jawbone’s website at $129.99.

Image Source: Jawbone

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