Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

Cooking can be a very precise art for many people. Cooking time, ingredient measurements and other factors need to be accurate in order to get the best results. In grilling barbecues, getting the right temperature is always essential to getting the meat done just right. Keeping in constant watch over the grill when cooking the meat can sometimes prevent one from enjoying the lively atmosphere, as usually what happens during those barbecue parties. You can make life more convenient by using this Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer on your next meat-grilling task.

The Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer is a digital meat thermometer that allows you some leeway when it comes to checking up on the meat cooking on the grill. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity that can pair up with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone to wirelessly send you the meat temperature while it is cooking on the grill. It transmits the temperature readings to your smartphone even as far as 200 feet away. This allows you to keep your cooked meats in check without even being near the grill.

It comes with a pair of probe sensors that you stick in to the meat to monitor its temperature. You can either use both probes to monitor two different meats cooking simultaneously. The iGrill app provides other features to this unique BBQ thermometer. The app, available for free download at Google Play for Android and at the App Store for iOS devices, provides added features such as, setting time or temperature alarms, Facebook Integration and real-time Pinterest pins. This makes it more than just any ordinary BBQ thermometer. But for those who like thing simple, the Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer can also just work as a stand-alone temperature monitor. It is available at the Sharper Image site for US$80.

Image Source: Sharper Image

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