Bluesmart, The World’s First Smart Connected Carry-On

BluesmartTraveling can be quite challenging. A common problem will always involve your luggage. From overweight to misplaced bags, these challenges can easily ruin what could have been a perfect travel plan. When it comes to ensuring that you suffer less luggage problems, you may want to consider getting the Bluesmart carry-on on your future trip somewhere.

The Bluesmart is a smart carry-on that does more than just keeping all your trip essentials in one place. It comes with high tech features that you may want to consider for your own convenience. With the Bluesmart carry-on, you do not your keys as you can lock and unlock the bag right from your smartphone. The built-in security lock can connect to your smartphone and allows you to control it via the Bluesmart app. Your carry-on will even automatically lock itself when it senses that you are separated from it. It can even notify you if someone is attempting to open it.

The Bluesmart also comes with a built-in scale that allows you to know how much your carry-on weighs to avoid those penalties for an overweight carry-on. All you need to do is pull on the handle and the weight will be conveniently displayed on your smartphone through the Bluesmart app. You can even keep track of its location when needed, getting rid of problems due to misplaced bags at the airport. The Bluesmart also comes with a built-in battery that you can use to recharge your portable devices, always a handy convenience during long-haul trips.

The Bluesmart carry-on is also designed to be tough and durable. It is also lightweight and waterproof. It is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo. You can pre-order one for $399 and is expected to be delivered by the end of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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