BlueAnt S3 Compact Car Speakerphone

Busy people just can’t seem to stop using their mobile phones even while driving. Having a car speaker phone for your mobile may help you keep your eyes on the road while driving as you talk through your phone. Having a BlueAnt S3 Compact will certainly benefit people who use the phone even while on the road.

The BlueAnt S3 Compact is a visor-mounted car speakerphone that allows drivers hands free communication while on the road. Its features include having a vibration sensor that detects when you are inside the car and automatically connects with your mobile phone to ensure that you always have that hands free function available. It also features a convenient audio announcer that tells drivers who the incoming caller is. Drivers can also either reject or accept calls using voice commands. These commands can also be used when making calls. The BlueAnt S3 Compact Speakerphone is expected to be available sometime in the first quarter of this year for around US$80.

Image Source: BlueAnt

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