Blueant Ribbon Bluetooth Streamer

There seems to be many Bluetooth devices that people use nowadays. But compatibility is something that is always a problem for some other devices. Standard earphones will not work with Bluetooth functions of some devices. But there are ways that this can be resolved, such as using the Blueant Ribbon Bluetooth Streamer.

The Blueant Ribbon Bluetooth Streamer is a device that provides Bluetooth functionality to headphones that don’t have such a feature. It is able to stream audio wirelessly and the function used on standard speakers and headphones. Users can connect them to the Blueant Ribbon via a standard 3.5mm jack. Controls on the device allow users to control volume, choose tracks and play without having to take out the smartphone or other Bluetooth devices connected to it. It can easily be worn by simply twisting it and clip it on a shirt, jacket or pocket. The Blueant Ribbon is available at the Blueant site for US$69.

Image Source: Blueant

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