Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant

Blue FreedomThe world’s need for power is ever increasing by the day. Electric power to run everyday objects like appliances, industrial machines and personal gadgets is essential in this modern world. Availability of electric power helps make cities and human populations function and progress. The next important thing for people is the availability of other energy alternatives when the usual energy sources are absent or unavailable. There are still areas that are not covered by the power grid. It helps to have a means to obtain electricity from an alternative source. The Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant may be an interesting option.

The Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant is a unique alternative power source for people who are always within the vicinity of flowing water such as rivers, lakes, streams, oceans or even irrigation waterways. This device is considered to be the world’s smallest hydropower plant. It can generate electric power through flowing water. Placing the Blue Freedom for one hour under a flowing stream or river can generate enough power to keep your smartphone running for 10 hours. It can be a cleaner power alternative for people who wish to rely less on conventional power or for those who live just outside the power grid but have access to free-flowing water source. The Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter. Interested parties can still get one for a pledge from $199 to $219. Retail price for this portable power plant is expected to be around $319. The first batch is expected to ship by October of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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