The BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 Smartphone Is Really Tough

rugged smartphone

rugged smartphoneSome people are look at durability as a main consideration when choosing smartphones. The consumer market is now flooded with such gadgets. But there are also some who look for the most durable smartphone available, like this new BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 smartphone.

The new BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 Smartphone is build just like its namesake. This rugged smartphone comes with an IP65 rating, making it dust proof and water resistant. It is powered by a quad core MediaTek and a 1GB RAM and a tough but clear 5-inch HD touchscreen made out of durable Corning Gorilla Glass. It also comes with a 5MP front and rear cameras, a 3000 mAh rechargeable battery that can last for two and a half days on a single charge.

The IP65 rated BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 Smartphone is quite tough that it can withstand almost everything you throw at it and it whatever extreme environmental conditions. Its water resistant rubber frame further acts as a shock absorber and protects the smartphone from the wear and tear of daily use. That is as tough as a smartphone can ever get. The BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 Smartphone is now available at Amazon for $130.

Image Source: Amazon

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