Blu-Ray/DVD Flipper Discs

Blu-Ray/DVD Flipper Discs bourne trilogy

Universal is slated to release its first Blu-Ray/ DVD "flipper discs" on January 18. As you might have guessed, a flipper disc is a dual-sided disc that has Blu-Ray on one side and DVD on the other. The Bourne trilogy will reportedly be the first movies to go on "flipper" with all three discs coming out on the said date.

Blu-Ray’s one big disadvantage is that new movies you purchase can’t be played on DVD players, and this lack of adaptability can be a bind. Coming up with the flipper disc is solves this problem.

But the flipper disc is facing a problem. They will be facing some tough competition from the immensely popular Blu-ray-DVD combo packages which offers two discs for you to take with you wherever you go. On the other hand, flipper may gain the upper hand if they can lower the price of movies.

Not to be forgotten are the HD DVD/DVD combo discs which have been around for a couple of years now. And when you include them in the picture, it kind of makes you wonder why it took Blu-ray this long to come up with the flipper.

Souce: CNET

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