BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch

BLOCKS Modular SmartwatchSmartwatches have become one of the upcoming devices that might just take off and become the next trendy gadget to have. But so far, its expected market may not be growing as fast as it should be. Some people may be a bit taken aback by the cost and are concerned about the limited features of a smartwatch. But that perception can change with the new BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch.

The BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch is a new smartwatch designed not to be just like the current smartwatches available. For one, the BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch is made to last. Its modular design allows users to add in more features to the smartwatch as they become available. Each strap section of the BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch is designed to house a module that can provide the device with extra features. While the smartwatch already has modules available for functions like adding an extra battery, monitor your heart rate, a GPS and others, this capability allows uses to add in other newer moddules in the future. This makes the BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch capable of getting updated with new features as they come out. The BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter where a pledge of $285 will get you a BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch with 4 Modules of your choice added. It is expected to ship sometime in May of 2016.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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