Blink Steady Bike Light

Bike safety is important for those who go biking at night. Bike lights are especially important and essential. But some people just don’t find the time to take care of them all of the time. They might forget to turn off the bike light after use which results in a dead battery and a useless bike accessory. The Blink Steady Bike Light aims to change all that.

The Blink Steady Bike Light is a welcome improvement to a neglected but essential part of bike safety equipment. It is a type of bike light that comes with its own accelerometer and light sensor. These additions automatically turn the bike light on or off whenever they sense motion or light. When the Blink Steady senses motion and a gradual change of light into dark, it automatically turns the bike light on. It also automatically turns off the light when motion is no longer sensed after 30 seconds.

Made out of solid aluminum, the Blink Steady Bike Light can be securely fastened to the bike’s seat post. It can turn on blinking or in a steady light just by flipping it over. But what makes it convenient is that it conserves its batteries whenever it is not being used, making it always ready to serve as a safety accessory for biking during the evenings.¬† The Blink Steady Bike Light is now available for US$95.

Image Source: Blink Steady

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