Blink Electric Vehicle Charging Station

It seems that the world is slowly transitioning into an electric-based mode of transportation. With quite a number of car manufacturers already getting into the Electric Vehicle or EV market, other industries are following suit by developing related technologies like an effective and widely acceptable charging station for electric vehicles or EV’s. There’s the new Blink Electric Vehicle Charging Station for example.

The concept behind the Blink EV Charging Station was developed in cooperation between ECOtality and Frog Design to show how electric vehicles in the future would likely be charged. The Blink Charging Station is mainly designed like a typical gas pump in some ways by applying current driver behaviors and integrating it on the charging station. The only difference is that the Blink can either be installed in residential as well as commercial areas. It features touch screens to display and deliver related info and recognizable plugs that will make it easier and convenient for drivers to use in charging their EV’s. The Blink EV Charging Station has just been recently unveiled at the PlugIn 2010 Conference and may someday become a common fixture once electric vehicles become more common.

Image Source: Frog Design

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