Blender 3D Free Software

Blender 3D free software

Imagine yourself creating a Pixar-like movie without paying anything for the software required to do it. This is the incredible premise behind Blender 3D. This fully featured 3D content creation suite has grown a lot since it was open sourced under the GNU General Public License in 2002. This graphics application is a real champ.

User interface

Blender 3D has a non-standard user interface unlike other 3D applications, yet it improves user workflow in this suite. The flexibility allows you to create a personalized user interfaces or clone one.

Earlier versions of Blender 3D were shortcut-centric in function, with heavy reliance on the keyboard and mouse. Although this remains the quickest way to use the application, many users will appreciate that many functions are now accessible through pop-up toolboxes or menus.


In terms of modeling, there is a large set of 3D objects such as NURBS and polygons, B-splines and beziers, as well as vector and meatball fonts. You will have fun modeling in blender, especially if you are doing organic modeling. Optimal iso-lines can be used for mesh editing, making it very easy on the eyes.

You also have the option to model meshes using edge or face, vertex, selection mode, and other tools like bevel, extrude, screw and warp, cut and spin, subdivision, noise and smooth, and so much more. Blender gives you a to-die-for modeling toolkit.

Animation system

Blender’s animation system really delivers. It comes with a dominant constraints system. For bones there is an armature object, providing inverse and forward kinematics. For animation poses, add the armature and just enter pose mode.

However, the current execution of the animation tools falls a little short in terms of speed and refinement. Although they can create quite complex animations, the tools can be slow and intimidating to use.

The game engine

The game engine is very well done, with features like improved support for OpenGL that provides all OGL lighting modes. Moreover, it has dynamics simulation, collision detection, and a sophisticated game logic module. While the game engine works best for small games that have small textures and few, it becomes painfully slow when pushed a lot.

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