Blaupunkt miRoamer Internet Car Radio

Internet radios flood the market these days. But there is one Internet radio with which you may be very happy to have. It is the Blaupunkt miRoamer Internet Car Radio. And we are here to say that yes, it is the world’s first Internet radio that can be fixed in cars.

This device is the brainchild of the leader in Internet radio technology, miRoamer, and Blaupunkt, a manufacturer in automotive multimedia. This device uses 3G and GSM phone. This automotive car gadget allows access through radio stations courtesy of miRoamer, allowing you to listen to tons of music, entertainment, news as well as talk radio stations. Additionally, there is a screen display which provides a user-friendly interface along with several station choices.

Moreover, it has features which includes phone access, address book, Bluetooth connectivity and navigation. The Blaupunkt miRoamer Internet Car Radio will arive in the second half of the year and it will cost at about $399. At that time, we are not going to stop you from replacing your stereo with this one.

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