BladeX On-The-Go Monitor

The modern workplace is no longer limited inside the office. Online connectivity and better portable devices have allowed people to become more functional even while on the go. It is now normal for many people to still be productive given the necessary tools for doing work while commuting, traveling, or practically anywhere outside of the conventional workplace. In order to boost mobile productivity for some people, newer products are introduced into the market like the new BladeX on-the-go monitor.
The BladeX on-the-go monitor aims to provide an additional portable display for today’s skilled mobile worker. Having an external monitor can provide a lot of advantages for those who work, study, design, or code while on the move. For one, the external monitor can help enhance productivity for people who make use of their smartphones for doing certain tasks.
The BladeX is one of the most compact and lightweight mobile external monitors available in the market. It weighs only under 2 pounds and just 4.5mm thin, making it an ideal external monitor to use while on the go. It offers a 15.6” screen available in either 1080p and 4K HD versions.
The BladeX on-the-go monitor can be positioned in either landscape or portrait mode. Its stand houses the battery as well as the USB Type-C and HDMI ports. Stereo speakers are also built into the rear of the base. Users can plug it into a laptop, gaming console, or even a smartphone and use it as a primary or secondary monitor. Its compact design makes it ideal for use wherever you go.
Whether it is for gaming, going online, or doing other productive tasks while traveling, the BladeX give you an added option to become even an more functional mobile worker. The BladeX on-the-go monitor is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $239. The Pro version is available for $339. It is expected to be available sometime in November of this year.
Image Source: Indiegogo

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