Blackview Max1 Smartphone Has A Built-In Projector

Smartphones today are not like the smartphones of a couple of years ago. It is now quite common that smartphones are no longer just limited to making and taking calls. They do much more as they have become a multimedia communications tool. More is still coming, as what this new Blackview Max1 smartphone aims to provide.

The new Blackview Max1 smartphone combines a mobile phone with a portable laser projector. Users now have a new option from which to view their multimedia files other than from the tiny display of the smartphone. The Blackview Max1 comes with a 720p laser projector that is said to be capable of projecting an image up to 200 inches in size.

While other smartphones are trying to let go of bezels in order to increase screen size, the Blackview Max1 did it better without having to do that with its built-in projector.  It will now allow users of the smartphone to project movies or videos onto a flat white surface and share it with a larger group of people.

The Blackview Max1 smartphone also comes with a 4680mAh battery that provides it with up to 5 hours of projection time under normal use. Other features provided by its maker so far includes having a Helio P23 Octacore processor, 6GB RAM, and a 64GB ROM. The smartphone also has front and rear facing cameras, a fingerprint sensor, and will run on the Android ecosystem. The Blackview Max1 smartphone is now available at Amazon Japan for around 69,800 Yen or about US$647.

Image Source: Amazon

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