BlackBerry Tour Available in Verizon and Sprint

BlackBerry Tour

The latest BlackBerry models, especially the CDMA variety, have gotten the major networks scrambling to become the first one to offer the best deals to consumers.  Verizon Wireless went ahead in unveiling a teaser for the BlackBerry Tour 9630, then minutes later Sprint announced that they are carrying the same smartphone later this summer for $199.99 after $150 worth of rebates and a two-year contract.

But what makes this BlackBerry model so special?  For one, the Tour is touted as BlackBerry’s fastest 3G phone.  Aside from enabling video calls, you could also surf the web, stream videos, download music, and much more at blazing speeds.  It also gives you the power to call and send text messages to virtually anywhere in the world.

With Sprint and Verizon going at it with the BlackBerry Tour Tour launch, would other networks be far behind?

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