Blackberry Storm Touchscreen Smartphone

Blackberry Storm

The Blackberry Storm smart phone is the company’s very first touchscreen model to be made available in the market. With a very competitive smart phone market, Blackberry has decided to come out with its own model that caters not only to busy business executive but to the more common gadget-conscious consumer as well. It features would really be worth looking at.

The Blackberry Storm utilizes touch technology to make the display screen the phone’s keyboard. This way, the typical Blackberry keyboard takes on a whole new look as it is now embedded on the display screen using touch technology. Convenience is also offered in the way users will be able to navigate through the features of the phone.

The Blackberry Storm also features multitasking support with its 528 MHz processor so that users may be able to access voice and data services at the same time. Users may be able to answer as well as make calls while sending or replying to emails simultaneously.

The Blackberry Storm is also equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera that can take still pictures as well as videos, with auto focus and auto flash also added. This smart phone also comes with a built-in 1GB memory to store data with an option to add 16 GB more using a micro SD card.

This Blackberry smart phone is also equipped with GPS capable features to help determine location and help users know how to get to where they wish to go.

Image Source: Blackberry

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